Joanne Thompson



here can come a time in our lives when for whatever reason we need support and help to move forward.  There may have been something that has happened recently which has caused you emotional pain or maybe it’s something you’ve carried with you for a long time and the weight has become too much to bear alone. 

I am a fully qualified MBACP Professional Therapeutic Counsellor specialising in Person Centred Therapy which is a talking therapy, allowing you as the client to take the lead in discussing areas of your life which you are struggling with.

Our sessions will give you the space and time that you need to explore your emotions and feelings without being judged.  As human beings, we are all fallible and can make mistakes and take decisions which can cause us pain. 

Within my counselling career, I have worked with individuals who have adopted unhelpful coping mechanisms (such as addiction) in a bid to try and cope with a host of issues including anxiety, depression, grief and relationship issues.

Alongside Person Centred Therapy, I also use DBT skills (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) to help manage difficult emotions.  DBT skills aim to help you learn how to accept and regulate emotions so that you’re able to change any behaviour that may be harmful or unhealthy.

Entering into counselling can feel extremely daunting but it may be the first step towards reconnecting with yourself and beginning the healing process. This step can help you to gain perspective on life and help you to address issues which you may not have felt strong enough to face; resulting in you living a happier, more settled life.

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