Work Opportunities at Online Counselling Clinic

Work Opportunities at Online Counselling Clinic

Note that we do not provide work-related training or shadowing.

By connecting people with some of the most skilled therapists in the UK who practise out of our offices, Online Counseling Clinic has assisted people in overcoming obstacles and thriving in both their personal and professional life.

The carefully chosen practitioners are committed to their patients/clients and take delight in helping them advance their emotional wellbeing. We cordially invite you to submit an application if you satisfy the requirements below and want to help us improve therapy standards in the private sector.

To apply for a position on a sub-contactor basis at Online Counselling Clinic, please complete the form below. 

We will review your details and be in touch within 24 hours, excluding weekends. 

Therapist terms & conditions can be located here.

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