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Online counselling is an increasingly popular option for people looking to access mental health services. Online therapy allows people to access counselling services from the comfort of their home, saving them time and money. For those who struggle with transportation or childcare costs, this can be especially beneficial.

Therapy is more than just face-face, you can access the therapist via video call counselling. 

The counsellor or psychotherapist can still support you in making changes in your life if you need to, even when you are not in the same room with them. They can assist you in exploring your feelings and in understanding what you are going through.

Since it’s more convenient for you to access, fits better with your lifestyle, or works better with your working hours, people occasionally select online or telephone counselling. Also, it means you are not limited to hiring a therapist who is located close by.

The number of therapists providing online or telephone counselling increased as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Many people promise to carry on working in this manner in the future.

How do I know the therapist is qualified? 


Our therapists are vetted by Kay, who runs our private practice.

Our Counsellors are interviewed and must pass Kay’s interview to come on board. Their qualifications, insurance and registration are all checked to ensure they have the right expertise and qualifications to support you. 

We only work with Therapists who we feel have the right experience, knowledge, client focus and compassion to support our clients. 

What to expect from Online counselling

Internet systems that are secure and encrypted can be used for online counselling. You’ll need a secluded area, just like with any other form of therapy, to have the conversation.

If at all feasible, use a laptop, PC, or tablet; make sure the microphone and camera are all functional. Instead of holding your smartphone, stabilise it on a level surface for the least amount of interruption or distraction. It is ideal to do these checks prior to your session.

When you and your therapist are both using a video link to communicate, you’ll probably take a few moments to make sure the camera location is appropriate and that you can both see and hear each other.

Your therapist will go through the details and make sure you understand what to do in case the link is lost.

Feeling heard and understood is a key component of counselling. This holds true for in-person, online, and telephone counselling.

The sessions should provide you with a secure place to discuss your feelings without being judged, regardless of how they are conducted.

Your therapist will help you understand what is going on inside of you, why you are feeling the way you are, make suggestions on what may help.

Can I have a strong relationship with my therapist on video calls?

The bond you share with your therapist is among the most crucial aspects of counselling.

The relationship can be maintained between you and your therapist even on a video call, the relationship between you both is based on the safety you feel emotionally, the acceptance you have from your therapist and the compassion delivered by your therapists, all of which can be created on a video call. 

Does online counselling work?

Online therapy may not be as effective as a face-to-face treatment, according to some experts, but there is growing evidence that it is at least as effective as traditional counselling. 

How do I know if my therapist is right for me?

Once you’ve had one session with the therapist, you should be able to gage whether you’re comfortable with that therapist, however, please be aware progress takes time to achieve and you may not see results straight away,

How many sessions will I need?

Each person’s processing is different, which means each person’s length of time in therapy is different. As we’re private you can have as much or as little therapy as you feel is right for you.

What methods do you use for Video therapy?

We use a range of different platforms: 

  • Zoom 
  • Whatsapp 
  • Facetime 

We use the method with the best connection and the method you prefer 

Is it confidential?

There are only a handful of reasons why we may have to break confidentiality such as 

  • illegal activities 
  • Harm to yourself 
  • Harm to others 

Apart from the above reasons, we keep your sessions confidential 

Do you have terms & conditions?

Yes, we have terms and conditions which state all the boundaries of your sessions. These can be located in your confirmation email and here.

Online counselling is best for people who are comfortable with technology and are motivated by comfort.

If you’re a busy person and don’t have time to book an appointment with a counsellor, at Online Counselling Clinic, we offer you the opportunity to video call them via an online connection on any device. Our video counselling consists of talking to experts in counselling and therapy that will help you solve your life and anxiety issues.

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Appointments are available 7 days a week

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