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Reignite the connection with your partner through our Online Counselling for Couples, where experienced counsellors and therapists for couples provide a nurturing environment to explore and strengthen your relationship. Our online platform offers a discreet and accessible space for both of you to engage in online therapy for relationships, ensuring convenience and comfort in your journey together.

Online Relationship Counselling

Online Couples counselling can help couples improve their communication skills, learn how to manage their emotions, and learn new ways to deal with stress. You can learn to recognise triggers and replace anger with compassion and also learned to take proactive steps instead of reacting to each other’s reactions.


According to Forbes, the following are signs you could benefit from couples therapy: 

  • You have poor communication and are unable to agree on anything
  • You’re constantly fighting or bickering
  • You’re incapable of problem-solving together or experience unequal decision making
  • You have trust issues
  • You feel a lack of connection, emotionally and physically
  • You are experiencing sexual issues, or not having sex at all
  • You have lifestyle or life-goal disagreements (i.e. money, kids, where to live, etc.)
  • You are reeling from one partner (or both) engaging in infidelity
  • You are experiencing more difficult days together than peaceful and joyful days


Goals of online couples counselling

Couples often seek therapy to strengthen their connection and improve communication skills. They may also seek therapy in order to restore trust in their relationship, and to rebalance roles in the relationship. Some couples seek therapy for sexual issues as well. Whatever the reasons, couples seeking therapy will benefit from the experience. The goal of couples therapy is to help couples become aware of their own contributions to conflicts and learn new ways to communicate. These skills can be used both in the therapy room and at home.

The first step in couples counselling online is to set goals. These should be realistic, attainable, and mutual. Couples should choose these goals together with their counsellor, and they should be unique to the couple. In addition, goals should be set before entering therapy. The counsellor can provide strategies for helping couples reach their goals.

Communication in a relationship is easy in the early stages, but it becomes more difficult as the relationship develops. Even couples who have been together for a long time can sometimes experience periods where communication feels stale. Everyday life can also contribute to communication problems, so online couples counselling sessions can help couples learn new ways to communicate and prevent these problems.


Ways to find a good online counsellor

When looking for a good couple’s counsellor, there are several factors you need to consider. First, you should find one with enough experience and training to help you with your specific problem. You should also ask about the type of treatment methods he or she uses. Secondly, you should ask about the therapist’s fees and any no-show penalties. Lastly, you should find out whether the counsellor accepts your health insurance and if you can afford his or her services.

Often, referrals from friends and colleagues are helpful when looking for couples counselling online. They have likely been helped by a therapist and noticed a difference in their relationship. Alternatively, you can read online reviews and check licensing records to find a therapist with a good reputation. If a therapist has a good reputation, you can be sure that they have helped a lot of couples.


Helping Couples Think Differently About Marriage with our online couples counselling

If you are in a long-term relationship (married, cohabiting or living together) and would like to learn how to improve your communication skills with your partner or want some guidance on how to manage your emotions more effectively so that you can get along better with one another, we’re here for you. Online Couples Counselling offers counselling sessions online via video calling.

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