Gemma Allen


I understand that life can be difficult at times, if you are reading this you are most likely struggling with something I can support you with, I’m here to support you through your journey to resolving your issues.

I offer a safe, confidential space in which to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, free of judgement or criticism. This can help you make sense of your experiences and develop your self-awareness so that you can build better relationships and feel empowered to move forward in your life.

I have experience of working with a wide range of issues including addiction, abuse, bereavement, anxiety, depression, relationships/family issues and self-esteem or confidence issues.

I believe every individual has the potential to change and grow, we can work together to support you through the issues and focus on healing your wounds.

I am a counsellor registered with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and I work with adults, individuals and couples.

Specialised work

  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Self Esteem/Confidence
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Couples Counselling
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