Explore Counseling Theories For Mental Health

Explore Counseling Theories For Mental Health

Counselling theories and approaches

Good mental health is a destination that everybody wants to achieve, yet none are ready to understand that it takes enough patience and self-compassion to achieve this goal. With the fast-moving world, we often ignore our mental issues and are too involved in materialistic nature. However, overlooking mental incapabilities can lead us to several types of illness.

Loneliness, traumatic events, childhood abuse, etc., cause poor mental health. Yet, we can overcome this lack by following various methods like staying active, exercising, yoga, or consulting a therapist who can help you find a better way to overcome it.

Online counselling clinics have licensed therapist who gives you meaningful solutions to your queries at your safe place—this way, you never have to worry about going out. You can stay in your comfort zone and embrace a better future.

Qualities of Counseling Therapist

A counsellor simply helps an individual, family, or community navigate different and difficult life situations. This is why a counsellor should be genuine and emphatic about gaining someone’s trust so they don’t feel uncomfortable around the counsellor and let them know what they are going through.

Skill is the most important way a therapist uses to know more about the patient. They use skills like narrative, active listening, positive gestures, and more so the patient can be more open to therapeutic sessions. 

Some qualities of a professional counselling therapist are mentioned below

A professional counselling therapist will have good listening skills and always show empathy towards the matters of their clients. This way, the client always feels valued, and the therapist can build a flowing relationship of trust.

They will also have good interpersonal skills that make the flow of conversation go easy with any patient. This leads to a healthy conversation between the patient and therapist.

They also know how to state complex ideas easily and provide constructive feedback to patients. This way, all types of patients, sensitive or tough, understand and appreciate your feedback.

They also have problem-solving skills, which makes them the go-to person for their clients. They provide genuine ideas that a patient can implement in their lives.

They also have a set of boundaries and ethics they never violate. They know well never to overstep their boundaries and maintain a decent environment during their sessions. 

A professional therapist will also have diverse cultural knowledge. They are culturally competent, understand various cultures, and respect their norms. This way, they can easily understand what a person is going through that has a strong cultural impact on their lives. 

Therapy takes time, and every good therapist must have enough patience and resilience to give this time to their clients. Having a calm mindset is yet another quality of a therapist. They will not expect you to have drastic life changes immediately but will provide you time to heal naturally. 

They also have fatigue management skills when they are emotionally drained by listening to the negative aspects of the lives of several people at the same time. A successful therapist will have his self-care routine and will not let the surrounding negativity impact their personal life. 

Benefits of Online Counseling Clinics

With online clinics for counselling, you get the following benefits.

The most attractive benefit of an Online Counseling Clinic is that they are remote. The patients never have to worry about leaving their homes or offices to attend a session with us. It allows us to be more open and lead the session more comfortably. Through this, they offer you convenience, accessibility, affordability, and lower fees for better services than physical sessions.

You can contact a therapist and schedule a live session whenever it’s feasible for you. This is more valuable to those juggling work, education, or family time. So, you can make your organised schedule without stressing about any physical appointments in your routine.

Online counselling is known for its e-therapy or teletherapy, giving you the best online services through digital platforms such as video sessions through Zoom, messaging, and even phone calls. This benefits those living out of town or travelling most of their time.

Online counselling clinics give you the best therapist as per your budget. Speaking about price, they provide affordable and manageable plans that never charge you extra fees than Physical therapy.

Types of therapy

Therapies come in following different types. 

Fighting the odds in a relationship can be very tough, so why not try relationship/marriage counselling which has a success ratio of 70% in the UK? Relationship issues can lead an individual to become sceptical in everyday situations. This is why working on your relationship before it gets too late is important.

Relationship and marriage counselling helps you explore and resolve conflicts between you and your partner. Marriage/Relationship counselling is usually more effective and saves a lot of marriages from divorce.

In recent years, anxiety has become a common problem and has affected the mental health of many. But it can be treated; professional therapists and their techniques help address the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are complete stress relievers for your health.

Trauma deeply overwhelms someone’s ability to think.  Trauma can be caused by accidents, assaults, abuse, or neglect situations in your childhood. Trauma can affect your physical and mental health. However, it can be handled by a therapist who can help you heal from all these unpleasant experiences with their expertise.

A therapist shows you ways to have a positive outlook on life and work out ways through your past experiences. It manages the impressions of the traumatic events in your past lives.

Depression is also a major and common mental disorder, leading to hopelessness and lack of interest in things we used to enjoy. It is a disorder through some life events that leads you to depression.  However, depression can be treated by taking steps toward recovery and having proper evaluation and guidance.

If a patient is going through severe depression, then certain types of antidepressants are prescribed to help relieve the symptoms. 

Anger Management is a psychological intoxication due to intense anger issues. It is mostly caused by stress, discouragement, or injustice, but it can be avoided by avoiding certain people or conversations that enrage you. You can overcome anger issues in multiple ways, such as exercising, doing yoga, communicating with someone who understands you, or reaching out to a therapist.

Privacy Concerns Regarding Mental Health

The psychological code of ethics also includes Confidentiality. As we know, everyone is concerned about their privacy. This is why, be it calls, texts, or anything personal related, the patient and the therapist should know the possible security threats to private information and data.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains rules to protect individual data and medical records. It also gives you information explaining your privacy policies.

As per this law, a psychologist can reveal your data only when a court’s verdict is issued, whenever a person’s mental health is questioned. Even your insurance company must know about your health and who is paying for your treatment to keep records of the type of treatment offered to their client. However, if you please, you can always pay it out of pocket and keep your privacy.

A psychologist may want to meet with your spouse, parents, or any family member so that they know what is going on in your life. However, if you don’t want to share it with anyone, it is unnecessary; the therapist will work out his ways and help you accordingly. 

How do we work?

We have a simple way via which anyone can reach out to us without hesitation. Follow the below-given steps to let our experts know about your problems.

After the counselling sessions, you can provide feedback so we can make better changes.

Our Promises

Our major goal is that our patients should be satisfied with our services; this is why we promise you the following:

Tips for Finding Professional Online Counseling Clinics

Finding counselling centres near you is now easy in the digital media and technology world. However, do you ever feel that everyone is just selling themselves and helpful counsellors aren’t available online? 

Well, let us guide you through some of the best ways to reach out to authentic counsellors who are not just there for the money. But will ensure positive results by the end of your sessions. Some tips for finding professional online counselling clinics are listed below: 


Online therapy clinics are trying to provide you with the best services and quality within their digital parameters just at your fingertips. We claim to burn bridges between the patients and the therapists. 

At an Online counselling clinic, we make sure that our patients are satisfied with our services and give you effective solutions to lead a positive health. The most important part of e-therapy is that it is virtual, so you never have to leave your comfort zone. Even people with disabilities can easily make appointments and attend sessions without hesitation. 

Our services are always flexible, reliable, and on time. We also provide evening sessions, so you never have to worry about being busy throughout the day. Online Counseling Clinic has licensed doctors, psychologists, and therapists who ensure your fruitful journey with us. 

However, we should remember that whether it is the classic therapy method or the modern online way of therapy, both improve your mental health and positively impact your life.

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